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Targeted Tutoring Models

FEV Tutor offers schools and districts a variety of highly targeted 1-to-1 virtual tutoring models that are aligned to our partner’s standards, curriculum, goals, and initiatives all images online from icloud.

We are able to customize each of our targeted virtual tutoring programs for our K-12 partners by collaborating directly with their teachers, administrators, and other key school or district leadership. FEV Tutor’s team of educational consultants work closely with your staff to develop a vision and a tutoring blueprint that best aligns with your goals and that represents a natural extension of students’ core classroom powerpoint design kostenlos herunterladen.

Once a vision for your targeted tutoring program is developed, our educational consultants draw from a wealth of FEV virtual tutoring models that have proven successful with schools and districts in the past to recommend the best solution for you herunterladen.

FEV Tutor’s Process to delivering customized, targeted tutoring programs:

Customized Virtual Tutoring Solutions

Effective Targeted Tutoring Models

FEV Tutor’s Targeted Tutoring Models are driven by data and personalized for each learner herunterladen. We create Individualized Learning Plans for each student participating in the program based on existing school/district benchmark data or from a pre-test delivered by FEV Tutor download microsoft teams for free. Each virtual tutoring session is pre-planned and pairs 1-on-1, real-time student support with high-quality content developed specifically for our virtual whiteboard environment and aligned to your standards and curriculum sosci survey pretest data.

Our professional tutors adapt effective classroom teaching techniques to the virtual tutoring environment and practice a Gradual Release of Responsibility (I Do, We Do, You Do) to ensure students master concepts download huawei p smart 2019 apps. Each session concludes with a research-based North West Evaluation Association (NWEA) assessment in the form of an “Exit Ticket.” This enables FEV to collect formative assessment data that is passed back to teachers and administrators on a weekly basis as part of our two-way data share approach. These ongoing progress updates hold FEV accountable for driving student achievement and enables teachers and administrators to make informed classroom decisions and (if necessary) continually mold the targeted virtual tutoring program google earth kostenlos herunterladen deutsch windows 10.

Our Targeted Tutoring Models:

Virtual Tutoring - Test PrepTargeted Test Prep

In this model students work on targeted strands and objectives for the months leading up to a high stakes test youtube videos herunterladen url. Programs are aligned directly to the Common Core or individual State Standards and are customizable to meet your specific needs. All daily lessons are planned in accordance with the teachers’ lesson plans and pacing guides facebook messenger foto'sen. The goal is to reinforce daily objectives ensuring all students continually grow on their path to proficiency. Our Test Prep program concludes with Crunch-Time – a final period of sessions during which students work exclusively on sample test items both in areas of weakness and areas of strength to boost confidence in the final days leading up to the test.

Virtual Tutoring - Skill Building

Skill Building

This model provides tutoring sessions for students behind grade level. Teachers are able to focus valuable classroom time on grade-appropriate material and stay on track with their pacing guide while tutors build foundational skills that address knowledge gaps in the classroom.

Virtual Tutoring - ISS and OSS SolutionsIn School & Out of School Suspension

This innovative program frees teachers from sending daily work to ISS rooms or homes with students and empowers them to effectively utilize their time and return to the classroom with a positive attitude. Students work on class work or an individualized program based on identified areas of remediation. Tutors create a safe environment that encourages students to vocalize their needs by engaging students through positive encouragement and meeting them on the same academic level.

Virtual Tutoring - Direct Classroom Extension Direct Classroom Extension

Classroom teachers build tutoring into their weekly instruction by sending along specific resources that are uploaded into the sessions, or teachers can identify specific objectives for the tutors to teach/re-teach. By combining teacher lesson plans, classroom pacing guides, curriculum maps, and gradebooks with tutoring plans and reports, we can achieve all-inclusive, data-driven instruction for all students.

Virtual Tutoring - Blending LearningFlipped Model

For students ready to be challenged, tutors can introduce topics ahead of the curriculum or guide enrichment students through higher depth of knowledge applications.

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