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ebook: How To Fund Tutoring After ESSER

With ESSER funds set to expire this year, how will districts cover the gaps?

With multiple funding streams available, leaders can preserve their hard-fought equity gains.

Our new ebook, “How to Fill the ESSER Gap and Bring High-Impact Tutoring to Your District,” outlines sources that will continue to be available to support tutoring in the future.

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Report: How To Close the COVID Learning Gap

Our new report, “Reducing the Achievement Gap: An Analysis of the Effects of High-Impact Tutoring During COVID And Beyond,” showcases the significant positive effects that high-impact tutoring has on students.

The numbers show that students who received tutoring from FEV Tutor experienced accelerated math and reading growth across all grade levels—bringing them closer to NWEA norms.

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2023 Annual Report

In partnership with leading research firm JoinIn Ventures, FEV Tutor’s Annual Report investigates educational inequity and the transformative power of high-impact tutoring. The insights discussed are grounded in an extensive analysis of data gathered from 98,000 students who participated in FEV Tutor’s programs across 283 school districts during AY 2022-23.

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Webinar: Ector County ISD's Tutoring Blueprint

Ector County ISD has seen transformational results from high-impact tutoring. Hear directly from district leaders Dr. Lilia Náñez and Lisa Wills to learn how they achieved 49% accelerated growth in math and 82% growth in reading. The discussion includes tried-and-tested data strategies for amplifying tutoring, effective interventions, and best practices for success.

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Webinar: High-Impact Tutoring Results in AY ‘22-23

Can high-impact tutoring upend educational inequity? Dr. Erin Devers, Founder of JoinIn Ventures, and Daniel Hebert, Vice President of Product and Impact for FEV Tutor, analyze data from 98,000 students to tackle this question. Watch this webinar to discover the positive impact this intervention model is having on thousands of kids, why it works, and how to implement an effective program.

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Exam Help Guide

When high-impact tutoring is implemented with fidelity and data is driving instruction for each student, educators and education partners can expect improved academic outcomes, more time spent on homework, and improved test scores. Check out our latest resource guide, Exam Help Guide: Best Practices for Implementation, to learn more about how to activate effective test prep with high-impact tutoring.

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Buyer's Guide

Choosing a tutoring program that has proven effective, is based on rigorous research, aligns with the curriculum, and incorporates best practices for effective 1:1 tutoring is of greater importance now more than ever. Check out our Buyer’s Guide to learn more about Evidence-Based High-Impact Tutoring to Accelerate Learning.

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High-Impact Online Tutoring for Academic Success: An Afterschool Implementation

High-impact tutoring is one of the most effective interventions for students who have fallen behind academically. Among various program models, the most valuable ones are designed to be flexible so that schools and districts can customize and adapt to their own learning standards and goals. Check out this latest White Paper to learn more about a successful afterschool implementation.

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Checklist for Sizing Up High Dosage Tutoring Providers

With the number of online tutoring programs available to school districts, administrators must discern and evaluate which high-dosage tutoring program will drive their students’ achievement rates. This interactive checklist offers 12 key qualities to consider when choosing a high-dosage tutoring partner.

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High Impact Tutoring as Math Intervention for Tier 2 and Tier 3 Students

Research suggests that high-impact tutoring can produce large learning gains for most students, including those who have fallen below grade level and participate in Response to Intervention (RTI) Tier 2 or Tier 3 interventions. Check out this white paper to learn more about how schools can supplement their existing math programs with the benefits of a rigorous tutoring program.

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How FEV Tutor Integrates with Leading Assessments for Accelerated Learning

Evidence-based, high-impact tutoring programs can accelerate learning gains for a wide variety of students, helping them attain significant growth in a variety of subjects. This whitepaper describes FEV’s integrations with the three largest assessment organizations — NWEA MAP, Renaissance STAR 360, and iReady — and how we use their data to create targeted instruction.

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Texas (HB4545) Impact Report

Read about our impact across Texas! As an approved vendor, FEV Tutor supports the implementation of high-impact tutoring and assists districts in meeting the requirements for supplemental accelerated instruction outlined in HB 4545. To better understand how FEV Tutor can help your district meet learning objectives, we’ve prepared an HB4545 Impact Report.

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Old Dominion University Research Study (Math Achievement)

This report discusses findings from a research study conducted by Old Dominion University in 2015. The study specifically looks at online tutoring program’s impact on low-achieving middle school students across math. The tutoring was provided as RTI Tier 3 supports. The study looks at data across 120 students within 2 schools.

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