The FEV Tutor Difference

Live, 1:1 tutoring services aren’t new to education. In fact, many districts are required by law to provide tutoring services to struggling students. FEV Tutor has transformed the pre-existing, often antiquated, model of tutoring into an accessible pathway to data-driven learning.

Tutoring BeforeFEV Tutor
One-Size-Fits-All Program Design>Customized Program Design, Driven by Data
Unconfirmed Service Validityneed asset----------------ESSA-Approved Interventions
Peer-to-Peer, Drill & Kill Tutoring Engaging, 1:1 Instruction with Highly-Qualified, Live Tutors
Limited Availability & Access to Services24/7 Availability on any Device
Inadequate Visibility into Sessions and Formative DataDeep Insight into Each Session
Student Anxiety for Tutoring SessionsStudent Pride in Learning Gains

The Implementation Journey: Your Success Is Our Success

Starting on day one of our partnership, we work in close collaboration with educators to design an effective program that allows for rapid deployment of support. We use each student’s education data to design research-based programs aligned to your organization’s academic goals and seamlessly integrate programs into the learning ecosystem. This approach empowers teachers to activate scalable, data-driven instruction quickly and easily.

A Team to Drive Learning

A dedicated coach from our Academic Success Team works with school or district leadership to design a custom implementation model. Throughout the entire integration process, coaches strategically manage and deliver a personalized tutoring program, driven by data, and designed to accomplish the academic goals set forth by our partners’ staff and leadership teams.

Data to Inform Every Step

Before launch, our Data Analysis team collects and analyzes student data to determine the most effective tutoring programs and inform growth trends during and after usage. As students engage with our tutors, we provide stakeholders frequent achievement reports, commentary from tutors, snapshot summaries, and trends. This real-time data empowers teachers and tutors to make informed instructional decisions daily.

Custom Tutoring for All

FEV Tutor’s live, 1:1 instructors operate as an extension of classroom teachers, working to provide support where it’s needed most. Each tutor is a subject matter expert, with a BA and a minimum of two years of teaching and/or tutoring experience. From start to finish, our coaches use practitioner experience, stakeholder feedback, and student data to continually inform each student’s individualized learning path.

Our Teams Strive to Ensure Tutoring Program Efficacy

Education leadership experts have reported that efforts to implement a new solution or initiative must obtain widespread support and ownership from all stakeholders in order to achieve desired outcomes. At FEV Tutor, our teams are specifically designed to help organizations involve all educators, families, and students, to build a collective commitment to improve learning.

Academic Success Team

Our Academic Success Coaches (ASC) are former educators and subject matter experts who collaborate with our partners to ensure our tutoring is adopted with high levels of fidelity. This includes Blueprint Planning and ongoing support. We help educators to:

  • Identify targeted populations and recommend program models to fit within the existing learning ecosystems
  • Analyze data to inform planning and align our programs with your instructional strategies
  • Create personalized learning plans for each student for maximum impact
  • Actively communicate and adjust to ensure effective program outcomes

Meet Our ASC Team

Data Analysis Team

FEV Tutor’s internal data team captures and shares custom reports to provide educators with the most relevant data to inform initiatives. Leaders have deep insight into program efficacy and can share data and easy-to-understand reports quickly. Reports include:

  • Attendance
  • Learning Objectives
  • Grades and Subjects
  • Benchmark Scores
  • Formative Assessment Data – Exit Ticket Scores

Meet Our Data Team

Highly Qualified Tutors Help Students Achieve Skills Mastery

We provide tutoring where it’s needed most, and serve populations including:

We Partner with Leading Organizations to Accelerate Learning

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality tutoring services to each and every student we work with. To further enhance the quality and effectiveness of our tutoring, we are proud to partner with many of the nation’s leading education organizations who share our commitment to serve as a catalyst for student growth.

Single Sign On Partners

Single sign on capabilities provide dynamic, scalable student and stakeholder rostering.

Assessment & Content Partners

Assessment data integrations to inform personalized learning plans for students.

Research & Evaluation Partners

Research driven platform to inform high-quality program development and pedagogy.

Interested in becoming an edtech or research partner?

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