Every Tutoring Session is an Opportunity for Successful Learning

During scheduled tutoring sessions, students work through a data-driven Individualized Learning Plan with a designated tutor assigned to address each student’s specific needs. Our  tutors deliver scaffolded lessons and gradually release responsibility from tutor to student to lead the session. All FEV Tutor lessons have been developed by current and former educators to ensure each instructional opportunity incorporates the latest educational research, meets curriculum standards, and uses the most effective pedagogical methods for virtual delivery.

To ensure students master concepts, and conclude each session with a formative assessment exit ticket. As part of our two-way data-sharing approach, these ongoing progress updates provide insight for educators to make instructional decisions and ensure FEV Tutor demonstrates accountability for student growth.


We’ve Developed the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Virtual Tutoring Solution

Our Tutors Guide Your Vision for Learning

We assign our tutors to school accounts based on the identified needs within an organization and each tutor’s area of expertise. Every tutor is thoroughly trained on the program specifics and is paired with the same student throughout the program to provide consistency across sessions and develop a rapport. We employ stringent Quality Assurance Measures to help us guarantee each tutoring session we deliver is of the highest quality. We use a tier system to rank our tutors: Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III and assist with our Quality Assurance Measures. Our Quality Assurance team regularly monitors session recordings –all tutors are subject to random QA checks at any point of time. The QA team assesses 10% of all tutoring sessions for Tier I tutors, 25% for Tier II tutors, and 100% of all sessions for Tier III tutors.

Highly Qualified

At minimum, our tutors must:

  • Hold a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Have Two Years Teaching/Tutoring Experience
  • Complete a Thorough Training with FEV


Student safety is non-negotiable.

  • Every tutor must pass an FBI clearance background check
  • We keep all tutor’s fingerprints on file
  • Every session is recorded and available to view on demand


Our tutors are always able to help.

  • Available 24/7 for Homework Help and Support
  • Flexible Scheduling Options
  • Accessible from Any Internet-Connected Device

Each Student Works in the Most Effective Learning Style

Our tutors are trained to adjust learning styles to best meet student needs within a virtual learning environment. This empowers every student to learn effectively.

Kinesthetic Learners

Students and tutors meet in a synchronous two-way virtual classroom interacting through a series of clickable tools and manipulatives designed to collaboratively master lesson objectives. Kinesthetic learning tools include: pencil, highlighter, text, geometric shapes, drag-and-drop, and symbols. Students can even personalize their experience by selecting the color, size, and designs of their choice.

Verbal Learners

Verbal learners benefit most from interpersonal interaction and speaking out loud. If the physical surroundings permit, and there is a headset or microphone available, students have the option to speak back to their tutors. To select this option, students can simply activate the microphone on their web browser.

Auditory Learners

Some students are most engaged when they can hear what a tutor has to say. Students can simply use headphones to hear their tutor’s commentary, explanations, and feedback. Audio is provided through text-to-speech technology, which can prevent bandwidth-related technology challenges.

Digital Communication

21st century classrooms require typing and strong digital 4Cs skills to prepare students to compete in a global market. Virtual tutoring sessions provide students the opportunity to improve their digital communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills while simultaneously mastering math, reading, or other subject-area learning objectives.

See It In Action

Focus on the Right Areas for Each Student

Our team of curriculum development managers utilize backwards planning techniques to create our library of instructional tutoring content and lessons. Using our partner’s standards and learning strands, we select the best assessment items to inform the Exit Tickets at the conclusion of every tutoring session. Exit Tickets enable tutors to provide a real-time temperature check of student’s understanding of concepts. With Exit Ticket information managers can develop engaging content designed specifically for 1:1 virtual tutoring. Our content covers curriculum from third grade to twelfth grade across several areas, and can be delivered via many program models.




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