Continuous Data Analysis for Continuous Growth

We Empower Educators to Make the Most Informed Decisions for their Students

Our Academic Success team closely monitors progress data for every account to change and adapt each program to meet and exceed program outcome goals.

Correlative Data

Using the benchmark and assessment data from each district, our data team compiles internal usage data alongside the district’s standardized assessment data so that we can accurately assess the overall effectiveness of the intervention.

Weekly Reports

Data from weekly reports informs stakeholders about usage and growth so stakeholders can track the solution’s Return on Investment (ROI). The weekly reports also provide valuable up-to-the-minute data so your teachers can further sync tutoring with classroom instruction.

Data On Demand

We translate data across usage, student growth, assessment data, and commentary into easy-to-understand, accessible reports and dashboards. Data is always available within the FEV Tutor portal.

Our Data Analysis Team Provides Actionable Meaningful Reports

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Academic Success Coaches

Our Academic Success Coaches (ASC) are former classroom teachers, administrators, and area experts who will collaborate with your educators to:

  • Identify targeted populations and recommends program models that fit within your  existing learning ecosystem
  • Leverage your data and synchs with your instructional strategies to ensure effective program design
  • Create personalized learning plans for each student for maximum impact

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