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K-12 Districts

FEV Tutor works with districts large and small to deliver affordable, scalable virtual tutoring solutions that can be rolled out across multiple schools and serve varying student populations hp toolboxfx herunterladen.

The malleability of our virtual tutoring services allows FEV Tutor to offer districts a diverse set of solutions to provide academic support across their K-12 student body blaufilter herunterladen. Unlike traditional face-to-face tutoring services, which can be expensive and time-consuming for the district to oversee, FEV’s streamlined processes enable districts to quickly implement high-quality, 1-to-1 student support programs that are easy to manage, cost effective, and scalable video von ard mediathek downloaden.

Your leadership team shapes the vision of our virtual tutoring program, which means FEV’s tutoring services align with your overarching district goals and initiatives download music to pc. We can offer multiple tutoring models to service various student populations within your district, including our targeted tutoring programs, course instructional support, On-Demand homework help, or a combination of the three aida64 downloaden.

Example virtual tutoring programs, include: Online Tutoring Solutions for School Districts

  • Response to Intervention (RTI) Initiatives
  • Before/After School Programs
  • At Home Student Support
  • Special Education Support
  • Overall Student Support Services
  • College and Career Readiness Programs
  • Credit Recovery Programs
  • High Stakes Exam Prep
  • Accelerated/Enrichment Student Support
  • And More

Multifaceted Student Support:

The benefit of partnering with FEV Tutor and our multifaceted student support initiative is that we can help your district offer consistency in the quality of tutoring across all grade levels and school sites. We assign each of our district partners a dedicated Educational Program Manager that provides your school administrators and teachers a singular point of contact across all tutoring programs stickman hook download. This Educational Program Manager does all of the heavy lifting for your district and is ultimately responsible for overseeing the quality and logistics of the tutoring videos von youtube downloaden legal kostenlos.

It’s up to your leadership team to determine how you’d like to deliver our virtual tutoring services. Our Educational Program Manager strategizes with your team to create a roll-out plan that is consistent with your district’s goals and initiatives to offer students 1-to-1 support either during the school day, after school, or at home kann man lieder von spotify herunterladen. We also collect as much information as possible to align tutoring to the student’s core learning environment. We analyze existing benchmark data to develop Individualized Learning Plans for each student and gather information on each student’s curriculum, standards, lesson plans, homework, supplemental materials, and more bloons tower defense 5 kostenlos.

Progress Reports for TutoringData & Reporting

FEV Tutor provides weekly progress reports that are shared with your teachers, school administrators, and district level leaders sprachnachrichten herunterladen. These easy-to-read reports and real-time data access provides your key staff members a simple way to measure the effectiveness of our virtual tutoring services.

FEV’s transparent reporting holds us accountable for driving student achievement and empowers your leaders to continually mold our tutoring services to aid your students where they need it most.

 Would you like to offer one-to-one virtual tutoring solutions at your district? Learn about our flexible pricing models.