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Instructional Foundation

What makes FEV Tutor unique is our pairing of 1-to-1, real-time student support with highly structured tutoring sessions built on a solid academic foundation.

Students work with a live tutor based on an Individualized Learning Plan, which includes lessons designed by current and former educators download free word program. Lessons are developed specifically for our 1-on-1 virtual platform, incorporate research-based assessment items, quickly engage the student and follow a scaffolding/building process to gradually release responsibility from tutor to student to lead the session.

How it Works:

Research Based Online Tutoring

Data Driven Online Tutoring1 download free mp3 music. Analyzing Benchmark Data

FEV Tutor works with your teachers and leadership team to collect benchmark data for the students participating in our targeted tutoring programs. Our school partners can provide results of standardized tests, both state and national, or school/district benchmark data so FEV Tutor can formulate an Individualized Learning Plan for each student powerpoint 2007 download kostenlos vollversion deutsch.

We also take into consideration your curriculum, standards, lesson plans, and other teacher resources. We create a virtual tutoring program that represents a natural extension of your students’ core classroom and is also aligned with your school or district goals.

Standards aligned tutoring services

2. NWEA Aligned Assessment Items

FEV Tutor partners with Certica Solutions to use their Navigate Item Bank™ (formerly Northwest Evaluation’s Formative Assessment Item Bank™) ebay downloaden kostenlos. This partnership allows us to utilize Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) research-based assessment items aligned to any set of State and/or National Standards to develop targeted benchmark assessments and formative assessment questions within each virtual tutoring session. FEV Tutor can use the results of pre-assessments to develop targeted Individualized Learning Plans and to monitor student progress throughout the duration of the tutoring intervention kindle bücher von amazon herunterladen.

Data Driven Online Tutoring

3. Exit Tickets (Formative Assessments)

Exit tickets are the backbone of every tutoring program! Our team of curriculum development managers utilize backwards planning techniques to create our library of Instructional Tutoring Content and Lessons mozilla thunderbird download kostenlos. We first identify NWEA assessment items that form the daily “Exit Tickets” that will conclude each targeted virtual tutoring session. Assessment items are chosen based on our partner’s standards and identified learning strands. Once Exit Tickets are created, managers develop engaging content that is designed specifically for 1-to-1 and small group tutoring.

FEV’s Exit Tickets are a critical part of your school’s virtual tutoring program because they enable us to provide a real-time temperature check of student’s understanding of concepts kostenlos filme auf iphone herunterladen. We share Exit Ticket data with your teachers and administrators on a weekly basis. This empowers your school to make informed classroom decisions and also allows FEV Tutor to continually mold the tutoring program to help students where they need it most.

Gradual Release of Responsibility 4. Instructional Tutoring Content

All Instructional Content used in FEV Tutor’s targeted virtual tutoring sessions is developed by current and former educators and classroom teachers Download imovie movie. Lessons are designed specifically for 1-to-1 and small group tutoring delivered on FEV’s virtual tutoring whiteboard.

Lessons are scaffolded and follow a structured building process. An engaging hook starts the lesson to activate prior knowledge and a notes section points out key vocabulary terms. Tutors follow an “I Do, We Do, You Do” Gradual Release of Responsibility to lead students to concept mastery firefox download for free windows 7.

About Our TutorsProfessional Online Tutors

FEV’s tutors are professionals who are well-trained to work with students of all ages in an online environment. Our tutors have a minimum of a 4-year bachelor degree in their content area, a minimum of 2 years teaching/tutoring experience, and go through an extensive training “boot camp” on the nuances of working in an online tutoring atmosphere tv serienen deutsch. During this training process, tutors become familiar with the FEV platform and learn how to adapt traditional teaching and tutoring methodologies into this virtual setting.

Your students’ safety is our top concern. We run a full background check on each of our tutors and keep FBI fingerprints and background checks on file. Tutors are assigned to specific school accounts and are trained on the specifics of the program, as outlined in the Blueprint meeting. We try our best to keep the same tutor assigned to individual students to build rapport. All virtual tutoring sessions are recorded and can be reviewed by students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

We employ stringent Quality Assurance Measures to help us guarantee each tutoring session we deliver is of the highest quality. We use a tier system to rank our tutors: Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III and assist with our Quality Assurance Measures. Our Quality Assurance team regularly monitors session recordings –all tutors are subject to random QA checks at any point of time. The QA team assesses 10% of all tutoring sessions for Tier I tutors, 25% for Tier II tutors, and 100% of all sessions for Tier III tutors.