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Course & Instructional Support

FEV Tutor’s Course & Instructional Support enables schools and districts to provide students around the clock, live support from a real tutor who has access to all of the student’s classroom resources from the portal.

Our Virtual Course & Instructional support model enables you to extend the reach of your teachers and staff and provide parents and students 24/7 point of need support trauerbilder kostenlos downloaden. Our affordable virtual tutoring solutions help you offer every student enrolled in your school the 1-on-1 support they need, no matter their financial background. Essentially, we help to make your school’s resources available to students and families at home, on weekends, evenings, during vacations, and anywhere in between tacho störung beim herunterladen 12.

On Demand Online Tutoring Solutions

How it Works

FEV Tutor meets with your school or district leadership team to identify the course or courses you would like to add our live, 24/7 support. We then integrate “On-Demand’ access to our tutors in your Learning Management System or portal where students access course and supplemental resources table download for free. This allows our professional tutors to retrieve all content and curriculum utilized in the core classroom to assist students in real time.

In this seat license model, FEV’s tutoring services are meant to serve the entire student body for a given class, school, group of schools, or district 500px bilder herunterladen. Virtual tutoring becomes a support tool that is provided to each student as part of their core learning environment.

Individual students and families can choose how to use our services audio mischpult kostenlos. Since our tutors have access to student’s classroom resources they are prepared to support students for any inquiry, large or small. Tutors are available “On Demand” 24/7 whenever a student encounters a problem, lesson, assignment or concept he or she cannot understand herunterladen. Or if a parent or student wants to block off a dedicated time to prepare for an exam or review lessons in-depth, they can pre-schedule a tutoring session using our easy-to-use scheduling software schulbücher zum downloaden.

Examples of how our team works with students and families include:
  • Homework Help
  • Last Minute Test Prep
  • Practice Problem Review
  • Review of Specific Lessons & Learning Objectives
  • Answering One-Off Questions
  • General Academic Assistance & Course Support
  • And More

 Student & Family Engagement Team

Online Tutoring - Student and Family SupportFEV Tutor understands that our solutions are only valuable to your school if students and families are taking advantage of our tutoring services funpot kostenlose videosen!

Our Student & Family Engagement Team is responsible for creating awareness of our virtual tutoring solutions, counseling parents on how to take advantage of tutoring, making recommendations for best practices and providing ongoing customer support download adobe reader for free. This support team is available 24/7 by phone and email, and engages families throughout the school year with ongoing outreach programs. These FEV staff members represent a personal touch point for parents, students, teachers, and counselors. They also help guarantee that students take advantage of the live tutoring support.

In addition to general outreach programs, FEV Tutor’s Engagement Team can strategically work with your teachers and leadership team to plan targeted student recruitment to encourage identified student populations (i.e. struggling learners) to take advantage of tutoring or to try and increase attendance leading up to End of Course or State Testing. FEV’s teams share student usage reports, progress updates, tutor commentary, and student feedback with parents, families, teachers, and administrators to help the school and families make informed academic decisions.

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