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Buyer's Guide

Choosing a tutoring program that has proven effective, is based on rigorous research, aligns with the curriculum, and incorporates best practices for effective 1:1 tutoring is of greater importance now more than ever. Check out our Buyer’s Guide to learn more about Evidence-Based High-Impact Tutoring to Accelerate Learning.


High-Impact Online Tutoring for Academic Success: An Afterschool Implementation

High-impact tutoring is one of the most effective interventions for students who have fallen behind academically. Among various program models, the most valuable ones are designed to be flexible so that schools and districts can customize and adapt to their own learning standards and goals. Check out this latest White Paper to learn more about a successful afterschool implementation.


Checklist for Sizing Up High Dosage Tutoring Providers

With the amount of online tutoring programs available to school districts, administrators must discern and evaluate which high-dosage tutoring program will drive their students’ achievement rates. This interactive checklist offers 12 key qualities to consider when choosing a high-dosage tutoring partner.