Newton County Schools

Covington, Georgia

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Newton County Schools Improves Student Scores with Personalized, Virtual Tutoring

Newton County Schools (NCS) is a medium-sized school district just south of Atlanta Georgia. Each day, over 850 dedicated faculty work to provide educational excellence for approximately 20,000 students. This work is driven by their vision for every student to graduate well-rounded and prepared for the future.

Historically, scores from the Georgia Milestone Assessment System have indicated that NCS students have struggled with math. Data demonstrated that many students were testing 1-2 years below grade level. In 2018, 78.6% of 9-12th grade students scored below proficient in Algebra 1, and 76.9% scored below proficient in Geometry on the EOC Georgia Milestone Assessment. However, educational leaders were eager to help shift these struggles into successes. Led by Dr. Nikkita Warfield, the Director of Secondary Education, the district set goals to accelerate learning and boost math proficiency rates for middle school and high school students. To support this work, educators turned to FEV Tutor in order to adopt a research-based and collaborative approach to 1-1 tutoring.

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To accelerate learning outcomes and boost math proficiency rates.


  • Math test scores were low relative to GA state proficiency averages
  • Students lacked access to personalized instructional support during the school day
  • There were gaps for access to after-hours academic support


FEV Tutor’s services allowed Newton County Schools to:

  • Increase student’s EOG/EOC growth by nearly 8%
  • Improve student scores across Georgia’s College & Career Readiness Index by 6.6%
  • Provide personalized, candid tutoring services to 2,000 students across 10 sites
  • Expand the reach of tutoring services by providing virtual services, accessible at any time, from anywhere
  • Improve the CCRPI scores at Veteran Memorial Middle by demonstrating 7% growth, double the school’s expected annual growth