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NYC DOE Mitigates C19 Learning Loss with Personalized, Virtual Tutoring

In response to school closures in Spring 2020, the NYC-DOE Office of Non-Public Schools sought a partner to extend online learning opportunities through the summer months and mitigate C-19 learning loss among students.

In particular, twelve Islamic School sites were growing concerned with a widening opportunity gap and seeking alternative ways to boost Math and English proficiency with priority and at-risk student groups. To support this work, the President of the Islamic Schools, Rafeek Mohamed, turned to FEV Tutor to adopt a research-based and collaborative approach to 1-1 tutoring.

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To mitigate learning loss caused by Spring 2020 school closures and boost proficiency in Math and English.


  • Difficult to engage students in virtual learning
  • Math and English learning loss and low proficiency rates on spring benchmark assessments
  • Students and Parents were seeking additional learning opportunities through the summer months


FEV Tutor’s services allowed NYC DOE to:

  • 323 Students Served
  • 2,715 Hours of Live 1:1 Instruction Delivered
  • +31% Average Growth from Pretest to Posttest