Dallas Independent School District

Dallas, Texas

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Boosting Proficiency in Dallas Independent School District

Dallas ISD is a diverse, urban school district in north Texas. Dallas ISD is the second-largest district in the state and serves a high ELL and low-income student population. The district chose FEV Tutor as an approved tutoring provider to help at-risk students throughout the district prepare for STAAR End of Course Assessments.

Collegiate Academies including Wilmer-Hutchins, Pinkston, Thomas Jefferson, Conrad, and Lincoln, as well as personalized learning schools such as IDEA Academy and Ignite Middle School, partnered with FEV Tutor to provide targeted intervention in Math and ELA as students prepared for the Spring STAAR assessments.

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Accelerate learning outcomes and boost proficiency rates on STAAR End of Course Assessments.


FEV Tutor’s services allowed Dallas ISD to:

  • Enroll 4,459 Students in Online Tutoring
  • Deliver 8,572 Live 1:1 Instructional Lessons
  • Accelerate Growth on Algebra I ACP and English I EOC Assessments
  • Drive Growth of +56% (AY18-19) for Algebra I ACP assessments and +50% (AY18-19) English I from Winter to Spring