Baltimore City Public Schools

Baltimore, Maryland

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Boosting Proficiency in Baltimore City Public Schools

Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPSS) is an urban Title I district serving a high At-Risk student population with 84% of students from low-income families. With the changing rigor of Maryland’s College and Career Ready Standards, students in the district fell behind.

Community Learning Network #6 (CLN-6), led by Dr. Mark King, aimed to accelerate learning outcomes and boost proficiency rates on MCAP/PARCC Assessments while placing CLN-6 students on a College and Career Ready path. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic forced BCPSS to transition over to a 100% Remote Learning model. Dr. King and other District and School leaders were seeking ways to innovate and continue learning and driving academic growth in the face of a whole new host of challenges.

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Accelerate learning outcomes and boost proficiency rates on MCAP/PARCC Assessments and provide academic support during Covid-19 Remote Learning.


  • At-Risk student population
  • Low proficiency rates on Math and ELA State Assessments (MCAP/PARCC)
  • Difficulties engaging students in remote learning during COVID-19 pandemic


FEV Tutor’s services allowed BCPSS to:

  • Enroll 4,459 Students in Online Tutoring
  • Deliver 10,922 Live 1:1 Instructional Lessons
  • Accelerate Growth on MCAP/PARCC State Assessments
  • Drive Growth of +38% (AY19-20) and +53% (AY20-21) from FEV Tutor Pre-Tests to Exit Tickets
  • Engage 1,113 Families in Remote Learning during C19