Engage Families to Improve Academic Outcomes

We Educate, Motivate, and Update Your Families

To ensure families have insight into FEV Tutor’s services, our Family & Student Engagement Team develops a productive partnership with parents. For no additional cost, a member of the Family & Student Engagement Team offers multi-touch communications and other family engagement services.

Program Introduction

  • Introduce families to virtual tutoring
  • Communicate FEV Tutor’s benefits & expectations
  • Provide 24/7 availability and support
  • Outreach available in multiple languages

Scheduling & Planning

  • Create flexible tutoring schedules that meets each student’s availability
  • Send reminders for upcoming sessions
  • Share new program adjustments
  • Notify for missed sessions to reschedule

Ongoing Engagement

  • Deploy notification messages about tutoring service changes & updates
  • Communicate ongoing updates about student engagement and participation
  • Report student progress and growth throughout services

Discover More About Our Core Teams

Academic Success Team

Our Academic Success Coaches (ASC) are former classroom teachers, administrators, and area experts who will collaborate with your educators to:

  • Identify targeted populations and recommends program models that fit within your  existing learning ecosystem
  • Leverage your data and synchs with your instructional strategies to ensure effective program design
  • Create personalized learning plans for each student for maximum impact

Meet Our ASC Team

Data Analysis Team

FEV Tutor’s internal data team captures and shares custom reports to provide educators with the most relevant data to inform initiatives. Leaders have deep insight into program efficacy and can share data and easy-to-understand reports quickly. Reports include:

  • Attendance
  • Learning Objectives
  • Grades and Subjects
  • Benchmark Scores
  • Formative Assessment Data – Exit Ticket Scores

Meet Our Data Team

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