Effecting Positive Change in Education: A Shared Journey


Across every area of K-12 education, educators must effectively meet the needs of 21st-century learners, fulfill accountability measures, and provide equitable access. FEV Tutor has responded to these demands by creating an engaging, 1:1 online tutoring platform that provides live academic instruction and support to students 24/7. Informed by research, student data, and each organization’s existing ecosystem, FEV Tutor develops a customized tutoring program that ensures the most impactful learning outcomes.


FEV Tutor works in close collaboration with all stakeholders to align our tutoring to your organization’s core learning environment. We partner with educators to identify targeted student cohorts and leverage assessment and benchmark data to develop strategic plans for each student. Our instructors are college graduates with a minimum of two years of teaching experience. Every tutor is extensively trained on how to effectively deliver content virtually and how to adapt instruction to align with each student’s learning style.


FEV Tutor impacts student learning by creating strategic, personalized, and effective tutoring programs. Our team develops individualized learning plans for each student and provides ongoing family engagement services to keep parents informed and aligned with learning goals. Weekly, we track student data and adjust the learning journey as necessary. Using benchmark data correlated with our platform’s data, we provide educators with periodic Academic Impact Analysis to demonstrate improvement and success across shared academic outcome goals.

We Adopt a Collaborative, Strategic Approach for Our Program Design

You are the expert about your student’s needs, your organization’s existing classroom ecosystems, and academic goals in place. Our team works in close collaboration with your organization’s stakeholders to ensure our live, 1:1 tutoring program successfully aligns with your standards, curriculum, and initiatives. Using data, research, and our proven method of program design, we create a tutoring program that operates as a natural extension of your learning environment.

Identify Targeted Student Cohorts

Analyze Assessment & Benchmark Data

Align Tutoring Programs with Curriculum

Employ Formative Assessments & Progress Monitoring

We Help Connect All Stakeholders to Ensure Tutoring Program Efficacy

Our deep experience in education has demonstrated that every stakeholder’s buy-in is critical to ensure program adoption with frequency and fidelity. We assign each partner a designated Academic Success coach to nurture each stakeholder group, including developing a personalized learning plan, ensuring communication to partners with all levels to drive student learning.


Our student-centric model allows students to work with their preferred tutor or request tutors on-demand to address immediate learning needs. Tutors are highly qualified and SEL sensitive.


FEV Tutor works with key instructional leadership and classroom teachers to develop effective strategies and personalized tutoring plans that easily fit the natural learning ecosystem.


FEV Tutor has a designated team to close the loop on parent communication efforts. Families are aware of upcoming sessions, changes in a student’s program, and student engagement levels and progress.

We Provide a Truly Comprehensive Online Tutoring Solution


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