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Superior Academic Support

FEV Tutor provides engaging, 1-to-1 virtual tutoring services that are driven by data and personalized for each student. The result is a live service designed to truly drive measured student achievement gains.

  • Innovate

    FEV Tutor designed an engaging online tutoring platform that supports multiple learning styles and enables students to work 1-on-1 with a professional tutor in real-time. The flexibility of our virtual tutoring services allows us to work with students during the school day, in after school programs, at home, on weekends, and anywhere in between.

  • Educate

    FEV Tutor collaborates with teachers, school and district leadership, parents, and families to align our tutoring to the student’s core learning environment and to develop shared goals for FEV’s tutoring services. Each tutoring session is led by a qualified tutor who utilizes high-quality instructional content developed specifically for our 1-to-1 virtual tutoring environment.

  • Elevate

    In order to be a catalyst for growth, FEV Tutor develops Individualized Learning Plans for all students and tracks student progress on a weekly basis. We maintain a high level of accountability by sharing these weekly updates with teachers, administrators, and parents to help schools and families make informed instructional decisions.

Schools and Districts

FEV Tutor takes a collaborative approach to delivering our live, virtual tutoring solutions to K-12 schools and districts. We work directly with teachers and administrators to align tutoring to our partner’s standards, curriculum, goals, and initiatives. The result is a targeted tutoring program that represents a natural extension of the student’s core classroom.

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Students and Families

FEV Tutor offers individual families a range of virtual tutoring support. From on-demand homework help to more targeted remediation, skill-building, and test prep services, our customer support team will assist students and families with every academic need, every step of the way. We develop Individualized Learning Plans and work with families to create a customized online tutoring schedule that works for even the busiest of students.

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"She helped me so much I finished all of it with two minutes to spare! Every time I would slip, I would ask her what to do and put it as a note in my notebook. Now that lesson is about four easy steps for me! Thank you, Ms. Porter! Can't wait for the next class!" 8th Grade Math Student

"As a middle school teacher leader I am constantly looking for innovative ways to support our students and teachers. We are always looking for instructional support that doesn’t add to the teacher’s workload but supports their efforts to gain academic achievement and our school’s initiatives. We were thrilled to connect to FEV tutoring because it helped support our students on a one-to-one level with real time feedback on the skills we identified. FEV is unlike the “set and get” online academic programs because each student is working with their own live tutor. FEV represents personalized learning at its finest. When educators are asked what they need to help their students grow, they will always say more time to work with students individually and extra hands in the classroom, FEV gives teachers both!" Kim Kapella, Graduation Coach & Instruction Advisor, Holcomb Bridge Middle School

About FEV Tutor

At FEV Tutor we are passionate about delivering high-quality, affordable academic support services that have a measured impact on student achievement. Our programs have been developed by educators to engage today’s 21st Century learner and are personalized to meet the needs of each student we work with. FEV Tutor involves our students’ teachers, administrators, parents, and families in the creation of a tutoring program that is a natural extension of the student's core classroom.

This innovative approach to delivering 1-to-1 student support is resonating with today’s learner and is having a measured impact with K-12 students across schools of all shapes and sizes.