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Student & Family Engagement Team

FEV Tutor provides a level of support that is unrivaled by other online tutoring providers. To get the most out of our tutoring services, our Student & Family Engagement Team strives to ensure that your student reaches their academic goals while maximizing the hours your family has purchased download virus for free.

And we keep you updated every step of the way. From the initial consultation to the final test prep, the entire process is consultative and adaptive to meet every need magenta tv app for free.

Features & Benefits:

247 customer support24/7 Access
Our Student & Family Engagement Team is available via phone or email to answer any of your questions icloud map. We count on your insight to shape each student’s tutoring program.

Free Tutoring Consultation Initial Consultation
We start building a plan for success as soon as our first meeting whatsapp can't photos. Our initial consultation and the student’s pre-test scores will help us develop a Personalized Learning Plan specific to your child.

Student Progress UpdatesWeekly Progress Reports
FEV Tutor will email you weekly progress reports so you can see your student’s progress in real time fortnite herunterladen ohne app store. This is important so you can monitor the tutoring’s impact as well as track your return on investment.

remindersSession Notifications
Whether online or in the classroom, attendance is key for academic success kostenlos musik downloaden iphone 7. We send session reminders, via text and email, and automatically notify you when a session is missed.

Flexible Tutoring Schedule OptionsFlexible Scheduling
Our tutoring sessions are built around your schedule schachspiel downloaden free. Whether you prefer mornings, afternoons, nights or weekends, we’ll work with you to develop the most convenient tutoring schedule. Need to re-schedule dragons ascend from berk free? We can alter your tutoring plans, in advance or at the last minute, at no cost to you.

Personalized Tutoring ProgramsOngoing Personalization
No two students are alike, so why should all tutoring plans be the same fitbit app kostenlos herunterladen? FEV Tutor tailors each program to meet the student’s needs. For students working on a test prep program or off a Personalized Learning Plan, we will continually shape the programs based on recent success/failure and feedback herunterladen. Students and families can call or email at any time to further customize a tutoring program.

Give us a try and you’ll soon find out that our hands-on approach will result in real and measured student achievement gain!