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Virtual Schools

The flexible nature of FEV Tutor’s personalized, 1-to-1, virtual tutoring services are ideally suited to meet the needs of home bound and virtual students. Students are able to meet with a live tutor, familiar with their learning needs and core learning environment, from any internet-connected device at times that work with their busy schedules macos version 10.13.

We work with virtual, blended, and alternative schools to provide students an extra layer of live academic support to extend the reach of teachers and staff. FEV Tutor has developed the infrastructure and process to enable your school to quickly ramp up and deliver personalized tutoring services to your student body antivirus scanner kostenlos. We can support all aspects of scheduling your students’ tutoring sessions and provide 24/7 customer support to help us assist parents and students in real-time without draining your staff’s valuable time!

FEV Tutor collaborates with your leadership team to determine what type of tutoring program will best serve your students. We can deliver a highly-targeted tutoring program, personalized for each student through the use of Individualized Learning Plans, to work towards the goal established by your school leaders sparkasse online banking. Or we can offer our On-Demand model that is integrated into your Learning Management System to offer students point-of-need access to a live tutor to assist with homework, coursework, and more.

Parent Engagement Strategies for Virtual Schools

Student & Family Engagement Team

FEV Tutor provides each virtual school a dedicated team of student recruitment specialists, schedulers, and customer support team members herunterladen. Our staff  becomes an extension of your school and can be reached by email 24/7 through a dedicated address created for your school or via phone during tutoring hours.

These staff members represent a personal touch point for each parent, student, and learning coach and are in constant communication with all parties. Unlike many traditional face-to-face tutoring initiatives which can be time consuming to track, manage, and schedule, FEV Tutor takes care of all the heavy lifting amazon prime video auf macbook herunterladen. The Student & Family Engagement Team takes your directives to recruit the students you identify for virtual tutoring, works directly with students and families to create tutoring schedules that meet the needs of even the busiest student, and keeps families posted on student progress throughout the duration of the tutoring program.

Data & ReportingData Driven Tutoring Services

We share updates with parents, families, teachers, and administrators to keep all parties informed m3 spiele kostenlos downloaden. We track attendance, formative assessment data, student feedback, and tutor commentary and share this information in weekly reports. Virtual schools find these real-time data updates especially useful as they represent an objective third party data source on their students that indicate engagement and progress. Schools often use these reports as a catalyst for internal initiatives to retain students and if necessary plan for additional intervention programs.

Our Student & Family Engagement Team also shares progress reports directly with families die drei fragezeichen download mp3 kostenlos. Since student’s guardians serve as the learning coach for home bound students, these reports help to hold students accountable for attending their scheduled virtual tutoring sessions. The shared formative data shared can also assist families to make data-driven academic decisions, especially as End of Course and State Testing deadlines approach Download stock.

Program Highlights:

Affordable Online Tutoring ServicesLarge Student Impact

FEV Tutor is able to provide high quality and scalable services, making it easy for schools to provide services for a large number of students while maintaining a greater overall impact on student achievement. We have experience working with virtual schools with as few as 400 students and as many as 20,000 students. We can deliver a targeted tutoring program to specific student population or can offer On-Demand tutoring services across your entire study body update windows 8.1 for free.

On Demand Online Tutoring Personalized Schedule

Since we offer virtual tutoring services, we are flexible and can accommodate even the busiest virtual student. FEV Tutor offers a dedicated scheduling staff that works directly with parents and students to create a tutoring schedule that fits for each individual student suse linux download german free.

Customized Online Tutoring ProgramsConnected to the Classroom

Our Educational Program Managers collaborate directly with school administrators and teachers to align our virtual tutoring to your curriculum, state standards, goals, and initiatives. In the past, we have even used our partner school’s self-paced resources within the tutoring sessions. The result is a tutoring program that is a natural extension of students’ core learning environment.

Tutoring to Drive Student Achievement GainsAchievement Gains

We track formative assessment data during each tutoring session through the use of daily exit tickets. FEV Tutor shares weekly progress reports with school administrators and families each week to keep all parties informed on student progress. At the end of a program, we compile our own internal data alongside the school’s standardized assessment data so that we can accurately assess the overall effectiveness of the intervention.

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