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Elementary, Middle & High Schools

FEV Tutor partners with public, private, and charter schools nationwide to deliver personalized virtual tutoring solutions that are tailor-fit to meet our partner’s unique needs. We do not offer a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we collaborate with your leadership team to align our services to your school or district’s initiatives niki the robot.

No one knows your students better than you and your teachers. This is why FEV Tutor works with your staff to shape our tutoring services to meet your students’ individual needs. Your school has the option to offer FEV Tutor’s highly targeted tutoring to an identified group of students or you may offer our virtual tutoring to your entire school with On-Demand Homework Help or Course Instruction Support herunterladen.

FEV Tutor collaborates with your leadership team to learn which tutoring model is best suits your students. Our Educational Program Mangers and your staff work together to develop shared, SMART goals for our virtual tutoring services. Based on these goals, we develop a blueprint for virtual tutoring that is customized to your school’s achievement goals and needs. This blueprint can include one model for one cohort of students or multiple models running at the same time to meet the needs of various student populations kann man netflix serien auf pc herunterladen. At FEV Tutor, it’s important that our goals match the school’s goals.

Classroom Innovation

Classroom Innovations

Traditional Classrooms & Small Group Tutoring Largely Remain One-to-Many

FEV Tutor partners with schools to help deliver an innovative approach to learning. Teachers today are expected to deliver personalized education for each student in their classroom; however, time constraints and large classroom sizes can make this goal nearly impossible to achieve. The high costs of traditional face-to-face tutoring programs can also make it prohibitive to provide students the 1-to-1 attention they need herunterladen. In most cases teachers, interventionists, and tutors are working with students in a one-to-many or small group setting. The result is that instructors are not always able to meet the student where they are academically. Struggling students can fall even further behind while advanced students can become disengaged, bored or checked-out.

Differentiated Student Support Programs

FEV Tutor empowers teachers to become the leaders of our tutoring services kostenlos musik aufs iphone herunterladen. We provide the means to deliver the 1-to-1 support students need.

FEV Tutor’s virtual tutoring services are designed to provide schools a tool to deliver their students teacher-led, 1-to-1 academic support. We empower your teachers and staff to become the leaders of our tutoring programs. FEV’s goal is to become a direct extension of your classroom teachers because we know ultimately this will have the most meaningful impact on student achievement gains lied von youtube herunterladen mac.

We collaborate with your teaching staff at every stage of our tutoring program to provide your team the opportunity to continue to shape and mold our tutoring services. Teachers can share lesson plans, curriculum, supplemental materials, specific assignments, and test prep activities they would like our tutors to work off of pokemon für pc kostenlosen. The formative assessment data, tutor commentary, and student feedback collected during every tutoring session is shared with teachers on a weekly basis. This provides teachers the opportunity to make informed classroom decisions for each of their students and also enables teachers to further mold tutoring based on individual student progress qnap zertifikat herunterladen.

Flexible Scheduling

FEV Tutor understands that each school’s needs and resources are unique. The virtual nature of our tutoring services allows FEV Tutor to meet the with your students at a time that works for you! We can offer our tutoring services during school-day programming at any time of day, whether it’s for a traditional classroom setting, an Intervention period, a computer lab setting, an In-School-Suspension room, or anywhere in between. Tutoring can also be made available onsite at before and after school programs.

For schools with 1-to-1 technology initiatives or those serving home-bound, alternative ed, or virtual students, FEV Tutor can help deliver reliable, 1-to-1 academic support around the clock fußballspiel kostenlosen. Students can get the help they need, but may not necessarily have access to during evenings or weekends through our On-Demand virtual tutoring services. Our tutors can also work with your virtual students at scheduled times to work on targeted lessons based on an Individualized Learning Plan.

 Would you like to offer 1-to-1 virtual tutoring solutions to students enrolled in your school herunterladen? Learn about our flexible pricing models.