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Educational Organizations

We offer K-12 Educational Organizations affordable 1-to-1 academic support to facilitate their tutoring and education opportunities.

The flexible nature of our virtual tutoring programs help us to serve a wide variety of K-12 organizations, from non-profits, charities, community groups, or grant-related programs, to privately-funded, for-profit institutions ebsco artikel herunterladen. Our virtual tutors enable your staff to do more with the time they spend with your students and offer each child live, 1-to-1 support from a qualified tutor. Similar to our school-based initiatives, we meet with your key stakeholders to establish a vision and objective for FEV’s services. We collect as much information as possible about your student’s core learning environment so we can deliver a classroom-connected tutoring experience for each child that truly drives achievement pokemon feuerrot rom deutsch download kostenlos.

You can elect to offer your elementary, middle, or high school students a highly targeted tutoring program, On-Demand homework help, or a combination of the two.  It’s up to your team how you would like to incorporate our services into your organization’s educational opportunities.

Pricing & Services

After School Tutoring ProgramsWhat makes FEV Tutor’s pricing model unique is that you only pay for the tutoring hours your students use microsoft visio kostenlos herunterladen. In
addition, many extra services are included in our hourly pricing model. We share weekly data and reports on student progress with your staff and directly to student’s families at no additional cost. These real-time data updates allow your organization to easily analyze if students are utilizing our virtual tutoring services and monitor Return on Investment von wdr mediathek downloaden. The progress updates shared directly with families help to engage parents and guardians in their student’s academic success and our up-to-the minute updates will provide families a tangible sense of how their children are progressing as a result of your educational organization’s services.

Virtual Tutoring Models:

Online Test Prep Programs

 High Stakes Test Prep

Students work with our virtual tutors after school or on weekends for the months leading up to a high stakes exam hhu ebooks downloaden. Your organization can offer test prep for the ACTs, SATs, AP Exams, Graduation Exit Exams, End of Course Tests, State Testing, or the Common Core. Students work 1-on-1 with a live tutor based on an Individualized Learning Plan created using existing student benchmark data or an FEV administered pre-test. Students learn test-taking strategies along with reviewing high quality content and curriculum with a qualified tutor leading each session. Our Test Prep program concludes with Crunch-Time – a final period of sessions during which students work exclusively on sample test items, both in areas of weakness and strength to fill any holes in the final days leading up to the test Download the ebook for free.

Online Homework HelpClassroom-Connected Homework Help

If your K-12 organization is like most out there today, your staff is likely wearing many hats and working with an overabundance of students at once. FEV Tutor’s Homework Help model eases the pressure placed on your staff and helps to extend their reach to offer every student the 1-on-1 support they need android apps. You can choose to offer our virtual tutoring services during set “office hours” when you know students will be attending your before-school, after-school, or weekend programs. You can also allow students to access tutors 24/7 from any computer. Whichever model meets your needs, students will be able to get “On-Demand” help from a qualified tutor without tying up your busy staff members download android zip file.

Skill Building Intervention Programs

Skill Building

If the children enrolled in your program are behind grade level, FEV Tutor can work with your team to craft a targeted tutoring program to help bridge skill gaps to catch them back up to where they need to be. We create Individualized Learning Plans for each student based on existing benchmark data or an FEV administered pre-test to identify each student’s areas of need Download mw3 for free full pc pc german. Students meet with our tutors at pre-scheduled times to build foundational skills which can mirror your organizational initiatives or allow your staff to focus valuable time on grade-appropriate material. The weekly data and reporting FEV shares with your organization provides real-time updates on student progress to allow you to make informed academic decisions for your students elemente vollständig herunterladen.

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