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FEV Tutor Success Story – Math Intervention


FEV Tutor partnered with a large urban middle school to deliver a customized, 1-to-1 virtual tutoring program to a group of 8th grade struggling math students herunterladen. Our virtual tutoring services were delivered during the school day to a group of at-risk students who visited a Resource Room each day for remediation and intervention download icloud backup pc. The goal of the tutoring program was to work with students on fundamental math concepts and learning objectives, based on Individualized Learning Plans, to bring students to grade level fs14 kostenlosen.


District Breakdown:Measured Student Gains - Special Ed Skill Building

  • Urban Setting
  • 74 Schools
  • 27,200 K-12 Students
  • African American: 82.3%
  • White: 11.7%
  • Qualify for Free Lunch: 88.5%

Student Population for Tutoring Program:

  • Middle School
  •  Identified Learning Disabilities – 100% (SLD Students)
  • 3-4+ Grade Levels Behind in Math and ELA
  • Title I Student Population: 100% Qualified for Free Lunch

 The Program:

FEV Tutor administered a pre-diagnostic assessment to develop this skill gap tutoring program juke lieder herunterladen. The results of the pre-test were used to develop Individualized Learning Plans for each participating student. FEV Tutor collaborated directly with the Resource Room teacher to learn more about the participating students, gain feedback and data from the classroom, and to get directives and lesson plans from the teacher threema bilder nicht automatisch herunterladen.

This enabled FEV Tutor to further customize the program to deliver personalized instruction for each student, while maintaining a close connection to the core classroom micky maus filme for free.

Screen Shot - Online Tutoring SessionThis program was conducted 2 days per week during the school day, in the Resource Room, using school technology devices. During the virtual tutoring sessions, tutors worked on targeted lessons with each student that were in-line with their Individualized Learning Plans, developed from the pre-diagnostic assessment herunterladen. This instruction was provided in an anonymous, encouraging, and comfortable learning environment for the student.

FEV Tutor collected formative assessment data by concluding each session with problems for the student to complete on their own herunterladen. Tutors would note the number of questions students answered correctly or incorrectly to collect an “In-Session Proficiency” score during each session apex legends auf ps4 herunterladen. This formative data enabled FEV to provide real-time student progress updates to the school on a consistent basis and also allowed tutors to immediately identify concepts learners continued to struggle with to adjust student’s learning plans when necessary monument valley 2 free download.

Lastly, FEV Tutor administered a post-assessment based on the concepts covered during the FEV virtual tutoring sessions. This post-test showed very positive measured gains.

 The Results:Results - Online Tutoring Intervention

After working with FEV Tutor, the Resource Room teacher noticed the achievement gap narrowing as she was able to focus more of her classroom time on grade-level curriculum. Students were more engaged in lessons as they had a better understanding of fundamental concepts they previously struggled with. Overall Students saw a 42% gain from pre-assessment to post-test.

  • Average Pre-Test Score: 27%
  • Average In-Session Proficiency: 66%
  • Average Post-Test: 64%
  • Average Pre-Test to Post-Test: +42%